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Hello. Welcome to the Daily Crunch on August 25, 2021. If you want to know how fast the technology news cycle is today, check out the lead story. You will find that this is a complete return of the most important news items earlier of the week! What a world! — — Alex

TechCrunch Top 3

  • Adult content is allowed on the OnlyFans backtrack. That’s all. OnlyFans changed course after igniting a big online fire by announcing that it would end support and sale of most adult content. The material will no longer be blocked. For more information on the topic, Equity podcast crew has notes..
  • Warby Parker is released: After a short summer calm, we were ready for yet another IPO cycle. The lead-off hitter this time may be Warby Parker, the provider of D2C eyewear. We’ve all heard of this company, so TechCrunch was looking forward to being in that number. Our view? It’s a very decent company, but it’s having an interesting time defending its final private market valuation.
  • Headspace + Ginger: Today, there is news that meditation service headspace and mental health-focused startup Ginger are merging to create headspace health. The integrated entity is worth $ 3 billion and has 800 employees. Headspace has long competed with Calm, another large player in the meditation market.

Startup / VC

Kanye West before jumping into some thematic pairs of startup news. He has a gadget called “Stem Player”. Every TechCrunchIs “designed to separate stems (specific elements such as vocals, bass, samples, drums)” from music tracks. It’s a rather neat idea. The fact that Kanye is doing that should provide it with a little marketing boost.

There are two stories from today’s fintech startup world, both of which are strange. How much money can the populous fintech industry absorb before investors get bored?

From the area of ​​logistics this afternoon, there are two stories that could give hope for the future that bringing things home will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and perhaps lower prices.

  • Alphabet’s drone delivery business scale: That’s the news from Downunder. Alphabet’s drone shipping company, Wing, recently announced that it has delivered 100,000 units. The service is currently located in Logan, Australia and is home to approximately 300,000 people. Bring to Alphabet, Providence, Rhode Island.
  • When Coco has raised $ 36 million for a super cute delivery robot: At one point there was a committee meeting I missed, where it was decided that all delivery robots had to be cute. I do not know why. However, Coco’s delivery robot is adorable. And now, thanks to funding from Series A, led by Sam Altman, famous for Y Combinator, it’s very well funded.

Taking a closer look at the logistics theme, here are two stories about the world of digital commerce in Europe.

And to conclude us Cyber ​​Security Venture Capital Activities Reach New Heights, And a cannabis-focused startup Jane put together just a $ 100 million round..

India’s path to SaaS leadership is clear, but challenges remain

By 2030, the Indian SaaS industry will account for 4% to 6% of the global market, with annual revenues estimated at $ 50 to $ 70 billion, according to a SaaSBOOMi / McKinsey report.

“With the right approach, it won’t be long before the Indian SaaS community becomes a large talent employer, a key contributor to India’s GDP, and an unparalleled product creator,” Eka Software said. Manav Garg, CEO and founder of. solution.

In a guest post, he describes some of the key growth drivers, including the fact that “the world is the most developer-centric” and “SaaS is not a winner-dominated market.”

Still, the region still faces challenges, as “growth requires a growth mindset”.

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Big Tech Co., Ltd.

  • PC is not dead: That’s all for the iPad, which is sweeping the world, but new data from Canalys shows. According to data companies, PC sales were up 17% year-over-year, but tablet sales were flat. Perhaps having a full-powered machine is more popular than ever. Because we all have more work to do than ever before. Anyway, PC news is useful to many big tech companies, including HP and Lenovo.
  • Hulu Starts HDR Display of Some Content: Hulu, a US video streaming service, began supporting HDR content on August 19th. This “should be available to all users of HDR-compatible devices in the next few days,” TechCrunch reports. So far, HDR playback has been extended only to certain high-profile Hulu content.
  • South Korea postpones the proposed “anti-Google law”: If passed, TechCrunch’s own Kate Park wrote, “Korea will be the first country to ban such global tech giants from imposing a billing system on in-app purchases.” Not surprisingly, Apple and Google are against this move.

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South Korea’s parliament delays final vote on ‘anti-Google law’ – TechCrunch Source link South Korea’s parliament delays final vote on ‘anti-Google law’ – TechCrunch



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